Design Philosophy


For us, it’s pretty simple.
Expert tailoring, world-class materials, and uncomplicated design.

Modern Classic Outerwear.  



Precision in drape and cut, constructed for comfort, wear, and durability. Every original pattern is created on the flat or draped by hand then molded on a body...not created in a program on a screen.


The most luxurious fabrications sourced from the finest heritage mills in the USA and Italy. Exclusive weaves, patterns, and finishes created for our exacting needs.


Pure design + Function. Outerwear created as a companion from the elements as you navigate through cities and seasons. Styling can be bold or understated as we address the needs, wants, and desires of your ever-evolving coat wardrobe.


The making of every FLEURETTE garment is a singular reflection of the skill and years of experience our designers, pattern makers, tailors, and garment makers (for some a profession that often goes back many generations in their family), they can’t help but take a tremendous amount of pride in what is highest quality coat Made In America!